Saturday, January 31, 2015-Super Bowl Weekend! This is arguably the most anticipated weekend of the year. On Sunday, February 1 at about 6:50PM est. the big game is scheduled to take place. For many, the Super Bowl is why they play the game. The teams that are participating deserve so much credit. From the attendants in the locker rooms, the bus drivers, the physical trainers, the parents as well as immediate and distant family members of the players, coaches, organizational staff, owners to the players. They all should share in the pride and dignity of this remarkable achievement. For this is the essence of “Teamwork” and that is what it is all about. Working together expecting to reach the same common goal.

Even if you are not a football fan, you may become one this weekend. The 2015 version of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament also takes place, in Melbourne, Australia. In my opinion, some of the very best tennis ever played took place there over the past week. The event concludes this weekend and in the women championship, the best two players in the world will compete for another Grand Slam victory. Number One versus Number Two. Serena Williams versus Maria Sharapova, what a match up! The defending Super Bowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks versus the New England Patriots.

This promises to be a super weekend for a number of reasons. Everyone competing is special. Gladiators in there own rights and blessed with the opportunity to do so. I dare not diminish the accomplishments of these men and women by speaking of a Deflate Gate or anything else created by man for whatever the reason. I don’t believe that what did or did not take place with those footballs have any place in the accomplishments of the participants of Super Bowl Forty-Nine. I believe that it was down right disrespectful to those who worked so hard for a game that many of us enjoy watching today. So as we watch and enjoy this Super Bowl Weekend remember it for the reasons that make it special, because we will never see it again. Thank God for all who participate. Be sure to share with me your thoughts.

Heatwave is an international funk/disco band that was formed in the early 70’s. They were known for their most successful singles like, “Boogie Nights”, “Always and Forever” and “The Groove Line”. These songs reached platinum status however, the single “Mind Blowing Decisions” is the song that most comes to mind when I think of the group. The importance of proper decision-making can be illustrated with a direct correlation in the life changing results that came from the forming of this band. Many of the decisions that we make today can be the difference between success or failure and sometimes even life or death.

The groups’ founder, linked with Rod Temperton early on to play the keyboards. Temperton however, will become best known for the result of his decision to leave the group as an active performer and become an accomplished songwriter. He not only wrote songs for Heatwave but also for many others including, arguably one of the most successful songs ever in“Thriller” for the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson. He had to have taken the time to think and weigh both the pros and the cons of continuing his dream to perform. He was able to discover that his ability to write and arrange music for many was his greatest gift. This turned out to be the best decision for Templeton. The results of that decision were the benefit to an entire generation of music lovers all over the world.

I would like to see athletes with the potential for a future in professional sports to take the time to seek more information before making decisions that will impact their future as well as the game. I think that it would be hard to find a person who is playing sports on the college level that doesn’t think they can play professionally. However, one must be able to recognize whether or not the potential to play exists or if there is something else in the industry that he or she is better suited for.

First, I think that you should seek information from people who have experienced success in the industry. Doing it this way will take more time, but it also increases the chances of making better and informed decisions. If your gift is to play the game you must learn the importance of personal training. Just because your dream is to play doesn’t mean that the opportunity will ever present itself. You will also learn just how important your interpersonal skills and surrounding yourself with the right people are to your success. No matter who you are or what you are looking to do, the possibilities are unlimited. You could find that what started as a dream of playing professional sports could lead to a career in sports management, financial planning, image development or even coaching.   Making proper decisions can be both “mind blowing” and sometimes fascinating all at the same time. Are you giving yourself a chance to make a sound decision? Tell me what you think.

By Gary Moore

As I read the story about NBA star Larry Sanders it really saddened me. Not so much for what was said in the piece, but more for what wasn’t said. Many times professional athletes, actors and entertainers are judged by public opinion and as a result are treated so unfairly because of what people believe to be true about them. In my many years of working in the area of sports management, I have seen many times that athletes will allow their images to be damaged and at times even destroyed by not speaking up for themselves even when they were in the perfect position to do so.

There has to come a time where we listen to ourselves and then make sure that we are heard even if it goes against the thoughts and the beliefs of others. For example, look at the story in question; RUMOR: Larry Sanders told Bucks officials he doesn’t want to play, by Zach Harper NBA writer. Really? How does the reader know that this is what Mr. Sanders said? We haven’t heard anything from Sanders or even the official from the Bucks organization that he supposedly said this to. This is exactly how ones image can be damaged or even destroyed without even having one substantiated fact reported as a part of this article. If I knew Larry Sanders I would strongly encourage him to listen to himself if nobody else and then to make sure that the readers are allowed to hear from him.

You see it is a fact, that Larry Sanders is first of all an individual with certain rights. It is also a fact that he is a professional basketball player in the NBA who was drafted in the first round in 2010 by the Milwaukee Bucks.   He also attended Virginia Commonwealth University. It is a fact that there are not many players from VCU who are fortunate enough to be playing in the NBA. With that being said it is quite an accomplishment for Sanders as well as signing a four year $44 million dollar contract extension in August of 2013. I am saying all of this because Mr. Sanders has fans and a lot of people who probably care about him and doesn’t want his image possibly destroyed without having said a single word. This is not only unfair but it should never be allowed to take place.

Let’s take this as an encouraging moment for anyone who is aspiring to be a professional of any kind. Always take pride in your hard work and accomplishments. Don’t allow anyone, writer or any report to be centered on you without at some point hearing from you. It is because of your accomplishments and God’s creation of you as a person that places you in a position of power. Take power over yourself. Always listen to yourself and in order to listen, you have to say something.  

Gary Moore

January 7, 2015


Moore Management and Entertainment, LLC is proud to announce that Davon Barton, director of new brand initiatives, will be inducted in the Christopher Newport University Athletic Hall of Fame on February 7, 2015.

Christopher Newport University (CNU) Athletic Hall of Fame recently announced its 2015 class of inductees which included Barton, former basketball standout along with Antoinette Bass, George Jones, Candace Bryant, and John Mook. The CNU Hall of Fame, started in 1989, will raise its membership to 118 with the newest class.

While at CNU, Barton, was a standout point guard during his four years at CNU. During his tenure the Captains went to two USA South conference championship games winning it all in 2005. Barton is described as “one of the best facilitators on the court the Captain’s have ever seen.” Barton is second in school history in all-time assists with 770. Barton finished sixth in all-time scoring with 1,608 career points. Nationally, Barton ranks ninth in career assist average at 7.20 a game. Barton was also a four-time All-Conference and All-State selection.

“We are proud of Davon’s accomplishments both on the court and in life. Davon is a shining example of how hard work, dedication and humility come together to create success. MME looks forward to celebrating with him next month” shared Gary Moore, founder of Moore Management and Entertainment, LLC where Davon has worked the last two years.

I'm sure that there are professional athletes, entertainers or parents everywhere today who would love to help in the positive development of a child.  Something as simple as spending more quality time with a child is a possible solution.

With life comes challenges, and how we face these challenges is something that becomes paramount in ones development.  From the time that we are children,  it becomes every parents wish that a child gets every possible chance to develop into a person who can make a positive contribution to society.  A child's development starts in the home, however it doesn't always end there. It's my belief that the most important element that one can give a child in their early stages of life is time.  For example, when I was a child, the time that I spent with my dad, my mom, my teachers, coaches or even my older siblings proved invaluable to me as I developed into a young man. There is not anything that is etched in stone on how a child will develop because all individuals are different.  However, one thing that I do know is that children value time.  Time is what they want and at times what they demand from those who they love the most.

We must be careful not to give too little, or make a child feel that the time that you spend with them isn't genuine.  If this happens, it could have catastrophic results. There are people who don't always have the right motive for spending time with a child.  For some the focus is not what's best for the child but instead for what they get out of it.  The child can easily tell the difference and then develop a feeling of resentment.  For example, a  biological or step parent whether they are together or in broken situation, will spend time with a child only if it allows them to spend more time with their partner.  We must always remember that the positive development in a person is an ongoing process and we owe it to our children to give them every opportunity to do so.

Life is about building relationships, from the time that we are children, until long after we become adults, we must strive to build and to value positive relationships.  These relationships will always be the key factors in developing good people and character in this ever changing world.  We must however be able to come face to face with our personal issues and make positive decisions which encourages the positive development of children for generations to come.  Take time from yourself and give it to a child without any conditions or rewards for doing so.

Hopes, Promises and Possibilities
The dawn of a new day is here.  Full of hope, promise and possibilities.  In the world of sports we have seen so much that can easily be related to what has or is happening in our world today.   Disrespect is on the rise around the world today and it is evident in our streets, in our homes and in our arenas.  We must come to a place where we can respect each other no matter what our beliefs or where we come from.   It starts with respecting ourselves then and only then can we begin to respect others or the authority that has been placed in front of us to lead in the chosen capacity in sports or in life.
It's okay to hope and dream of becoming the best that we can be however, we must learn that in order to be the best comes with the mindset that one must be willing to work to achieve.  Nothing is given and we must recognize that fact in our minds before it can ever take its rightful place in our hearts.   If you want to become a great athlete, entertainer or professional anything you must first strive to be a good person.  See we must learn how to dream in the real sense of the word.  This way, you can avoid the false hopes that are placed sometimes by watching others who are in a place of potential greatness that don't respect the opportunity that's put before them.  
For an example, during the Christmas holiday season some of the best college football teams are selected to play in special bowl games on national television that are viewed by millions.  This year was no exception, there were some great games but most important was the opportunity for success that it presented to any individual who participated.  While watching it was sad to see some of the players shame themselves as well as the institutions that were represented, by making the decision to allow their personal emotions to explode into an ugly brawl at the conclusion of one of these games.  If only the individuals involved would have thought of just taking the stance of "I'm sorry" or just shaking hands and move on, instead of allowing the opportunity to destroy everything that they worked so hard for to be taken in a matter of minutes.  Last night in the very first four team playoff for a national championship one of the teams, the Florida State Seminoles lost for the first time in 29 consecutive games but at the end of the contest some of its players made the decision not to shake hands with the winners and exit the field.  Now if we are striving to always be a good person how could we ever allow that decision to be made?
We must understand that the work never stops.  Even after we experience some of the success associated with the fulfillment of our dreams.   That is the only way that we are able to obtain more.
In the year 2015, I want to see a world that is truly full of hope, promise and possibilities.  Begin the work of developing dreams in ourselves and in others.  It starts with respect and ends with the hope that God will help us fulfill the promise in a world of possibilities.   These thoughts serve as a resolution for the year 2015, so stay tuned because the best is yet to come.
Gary Moore

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