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Heatwave is an international funk/disco band that was formed in the early 70’s. They were known for their most successful singles like, “Boogie Nights”, “Always and Forever” and “The Groove Line”. These songs reached platinum status however, the single “Mind Blowing Decisions” is the song that most comes to mind when I think of the group. The importance of proper decision-making can be illustrated with a direct correlation in the life changing results that came from the forming of this band. Many of the decisions that we make today can be the difference between success or failure and sometimes even life or death.

The groups’ founder, linked with Rod Temperton early on to play the keyboards. Temperton however, will become best known for the result of his decision to leave the group as an active performer and become an accomplished songwriter. He not only wrote songs for Heatwave but also for many others including, arguably one of the most successful songs ever in“Thriller” for the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson. He had to have taken the time to think and weigh both the pros and the cons of continuing his dream to perform. He was able to discover that his ability to write and arrange music for many was his greatest gift. This turned out to be the best decision for Templeton. The results of that decision were the benefit to an entire generation of music lovers all over the world.

I would like to see athletes with the potential for a future in professional sports to take the time to seek more information before making decisions that will impact their future as well as the game. I think that it would be hard to find a person who is playing sports on the college level that doesn’t think they can play professionally. However, one must be able to recognize whether or not the potential to play exists or if there is something else in the industry that he or she is better suited for.

First, I think that you should seek information from people who have experienced success in the industry. Doing it this way will take more time, but it also increases the chances of making better and informed decisions. If your gift is to play the game you must learn the importance of personal training. Just because your dream is to play doesn’t mean that the opportunity will ever present itself. You will also learn just how important your interpersonal skills and surrounding yourself with the right people are to your success. No matter who you are or what you are looking to do, the possibilities are unlimited. You could find that what started as a dream of playing professional sports could lead to a career in sports management, financial planning, image development or even coaching.   Making proper decisions can be both “mind blowing” and sometimes fascinating all at the same time. Are you giving yourself a chance to make a sound decision? Tell me what you think.

By Gary Moore