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I'm sure that there are professional athletes, entertainers or parents everywhere today who would love to help in the positive development of a child.  Something as simple as spending more quality time with a child is a possible solution.

With life comes challenges, and how we face these challenges is something that becomes paramount in ones development.  From the time that we are children,  it becomes every parents wish that a child gets every possible chance to develop into a person who can make a positive contribution to society.  A child's development starts in the home, however it doesn't always end there. It's my belief that the most important element that one can give a child in their early stages of life is time.  For example, when I was a child, the time that I spent with my dad, my mom, my teachers, coaches or even my older siblings proved invaluable to me as I developed into a young man. There is not anything that is etched in stone on how a child will develop because all individuals are different.  However, one thing that I do know is that children value time.  Time is what they want and at times what they demand from those who they love the most.

We must be careful not to give too little, or make a child feel that the time that you spend with them isn't genuine.  If this happens, it could have catastrophic results. There are people who don't always have the right motive for spending time with a child.  For some the focus is not what's best for the child but instead for what they get out of it.  The child can easily tell the difference and then develop a feeling of resentment.  For example, a  biological or step parent whether they are together or in broken situation, will spend time with a child only if it allows them to spend more time with their partner.  We must always remember that the positive development in a person is an ongoing process and we owe it to our children to give them every opportunity to do so.

Life is about building relationships, from the time that we are children, until long after we become adults, we must strive to build and to value positive relationships.  These relationships will always be the key factors in developing good people and character in this ever changing world.  We must however be able to come face to face with our personal issues and make positive decisions which encourages the positive development of children for generations to come.  Take time from yourself and give it to a child without any conditions or rewards for doing so.