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As I read the story about NBA star Larry Sanders it really saddened me. Not so much for what was said in the piece, but more for what wasn’t said. Many times professional athletes, actors and entertainers are judged by public opinion and as a result are treated so unfairly because of what people believe to be true about them. In my many years of working in the area of sports management, I have seen many times that athletes will allow their images to be damaged and at times even destroyed by not speaking up for themselves even when they were in the perfect position to do so.

There has to come a time where we listen to ourselves and then make sure that we are heard even if it goes against the thoughts and the beliefs of others. For example, look at the story in question; RUMOR: Larry Sanders told Bucks officials he doesn’t want to play, by Zach Harper NBA writer. Really? How does the reader know that this is what Mr. Sanders said? We haven’t heard anything from Sanders or even the official from the Bucks organization that he supposedly said this to. This is exactly how ones image can be damaged or even destroyed without even having one substantiated fact reported as a part of this article. If I knew Larry Sanders I would strongly encourage him to listen to himself if nobody else and then to make sure that the readers are allowed to hear from him.

You see it is a fact, that Larry Sanders is first of all an individual with certain rights. It is also a fact that he is a professional basketball player in the NBA who was drafted in the first round in 2010 by the Milwaukee Bucks.   He also attended Virginia Commonwealth University. It is a fact that there are not many players from VCU who are fortunate enough to be playing in the NBA. With that being said it is quite an accomplishment for Sanders as well as signing a four year $44 million dollar contract extension in August of 2013. I am saying all of this because Mr. Sanders has fans and a lot of people who probably care about him and doesn’t want his image possibly destroyed without having said a single word. This is not only unfair but it should never be allowed to take place.

Let’s take this as an encouraging moment for anyone who is aspiring to be a professional of any kind. Always take pride in your hard work and accomplishments. Don’t allow anyone, writer or any report to be centered on you without at some point hearing from you. It is because of your accomplishments and God’s creation of you as a person that places you in a position of power. Take power over yourself. Always listen to yourself and in order to listen, you have to say something.  

Gary Moore

January 7, 2015


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