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Hopes, Promises and Possibilities
The dawn of a new day is here.  Full of hope, promise and possibilities.  In the world of sports we have seen so much that can easily be related to what has or is happening in our world today.   Disrespect is on the rise around the world today and it is evident in our streets, in our homes and in our arenas.  We must come to a place where we can respect each other no matter what our beliefs or where we come from.   It starts with respecting ourselves then and only then can we begin to respect others or the authority that has been placed in front of us to lead in the chosen capacity in sports or in life.
It's okay to hope and dream of becoming the best that we can be however, we must learn that in order to be the best comes with the mindset that one must be willing to work to achieve.  Nothing is given and we must recognize that fact in our minds before it can ever take its rightful place in our hearts.   If you want to become a great athlete, entertainer or professional anything you must first strive to be a good person.  See we must learn how to dream in the real sense of the word.  This way, you can avoid the false hopes that are placed sometimes by watching others who are in a place of potential greatness that don't respect the opportunity that's put before them.  
For an example, during the Christmas holiday season some of the best college football teams are selected to play in special bowl games on national television that are viewed by millions.  This year was no exception, there were some great games but most important was the opportunity for success that it presented to any individual who participated.  While watching it was sad to see some of the players shame themselves as well as the institutions that were represented, by making the decision to allow their personal emotions to explode into an ugly brawl at the conclusion of one of these games.  If only the individuals involved would have thought of just taking the stance of "I'm sorry" or just shaking hands and move on, instead of allowing the opportunity to destroy everything that they worked so hard for to be taken in a matter of minutes.  Last night in the very first four team playoff for a national championship one of the teams, the Florida State Seminoles lost for the first time in 29 consecutive games but at the end of the contest some of its players made the decision not to shake hands with the winners and exit the field.  Now if we are striving to always be a good person how could we ever allow that decision to be made?
We must understand that the work never stops.  Even after we experience some of the success associated with the fulfillment of our dreams.   That is the only way that we are able to obtain more.
In the year 2015, I want to see a world that is truly full of hope, promise and possibilities.  Begin the work of developing dreams in ourselves and in others.  It starts with respect and ends with the hope that God will help us fulfill the promise in a world of possibilities.   These thoughts serve as a resolution for the year 2015, so stay tuned because the best is yet to come.
Gary Moore

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