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As I wake up this morning, I am thrilled to see another day!  Excited for the opportunity that GOD has given me to do or to say something that will mean more to someone other than myself. It could be as simple as “good morning”, or “you look nice” or “I’m sorry”.

I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful to be here in anyway form or fashion but it makes me sick to hear everyday that someone else has gone to extraordinary lengths to bring misery and hurt to those who we all were placed here to love.

Think about it, a human being can go to a school where children were sent to learn and to love and kill them in a manner that one would be executed for a despicable crime for no apparent reason.  Or a decorated veteran can kill the mother of his children, her mother and her mother’s mother, her sister and brother and then himself.  How about a man with a checkered past and history of mental unrest –who needed help himself, can barricade himself with people that he did not know who were simply working in a coffee house and then kills two of them before killing himself for no reason at all? 

Now it seems to me, that with all of this going on and people all over the United States seemingly upset with the police and how they are making themselves, the judge the jury as well as the executioner right in our city streets and sidewalks. Somebody, anybody or everybody should say, “what can I do to make it better”? Marches taking place everyday because this is just not right.  But guess what?  None of this is right.  Black lives matters?  Really?  I would go just a step further to say that all lives matters.  No matter what age, color, gender or religious preference, GOD placed us all on this earth to live and to love.  Say a prayer today for all of us on earth in hopes that we realize that ALL LIVES MATTER.

Gary Moore

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