Gary Moore, Kevin Ollie, UCONN Coach and Eric Snow, SMU Asst. Coach greeting each other after the game on January 4, 2014
By Gary Moore

I was in attendance for the first basketball game that was held at the newly renovated Moody Coliseum on the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU). The game pitted the SMU “Mustangs”, coached my legendary Head Coach Larry Brown going against the UCONN “Huskies”, coached by its 2rd year Head Coach Kevin Ollie.  Ollie played for Coach Brown as an NBA player with the Philadelphia 76ers and was a member of the 2001 team that reached the NBA Finals.  This game resembled a reunion of sorts because it involved SMU assistants, Eric Snow and George Lynch who were also members of that 2001 Sixers team as well as Dikembe Mutombo, Coach Mike Woodson (NY Knicks) and myself who among the sellout crowd to witness the contest.

I have a profound appreciation for what Coach Brown is now doing at SMU.  He has accomplished so much as a player and coach, he’s winning at every level and yet, he is still teaching young people the right way to live and play basketball.  I witnessed first hand the empowerment as he helped to develop these and so many others into good human beings and successful athletes.  Coach Brown did so much for me by allowing me (  in my role as special advisor and personal manager), to travel with his teams and to observe the many practice sessions, meetings, dinners, and team travel. Procedures.  I learned so much about interpersonal skill development of these players and just how important that was to their success as professional athletes.

It was such a great feeling to see everyone come together again to witness the results of that empowerment.  Here it was, Coach Brown vs Coach Ollie, almost like teacher going against his pupil in a win/win situation.  Both teams are winners because no matter what the final score of the game was on the court, both teams were in preparation of their future through higher education.  These two coaches have so much love and respect for one another that the final score would become somewhat irrelevant.  That is a huge part of that empowerment that I’m always speaking of.  Many times the nurturing and the development as people far outweighs what takes place while playing the basketball game.

I am personally concerned about the development and the success of our future professionals.  It has been proven that anything that deeply concerns one can be transformed into positive change.  At MME we are committed to our clients and will always offer the encouragement to obtain and exhibit the skills necessary to foster a career in professional sports or entertainment.   Like both of these coaches, we are dedicated to challenging and nurturing the potential of young men and women in order to place them in a position that will give them the opportunity to allow their premiere talents to shine.