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I always thought that I could change the world. I felt as though every kid with the ability to play football also had the ability to be successful in life. I wanted to teach “Life Skills”. However, I used football as my backdrop for doing so. Kids then had a incredible love for the game. They wanted to learn how to play, and be good at it. See I knew, the treacherous landscape that life can be for a Black male and I wanted to help guide them across. I wanted my words to be motivation and I wanted to teach them the importance of teamwork and accountability. These are two things that I felt were essential to facing the obstacles that were sure to come in football and in life thus offering the best chance at success. I had a profound belief that organized football was the way.

I had learned from my father and his friends that you could teach kids how to live through organized sports.   As a toddler, I saw these men mold an entire community through sports. They would load up their own cars and use their hard earned money to sponsor kids in youth football leagues. These guys did this out of love and never expected a dime in return. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do. So the first opportunity that came for me to build a team and teach how to play and live the right way, I jumped right on it. Doing it simply for the joy that comes from helping someone get on the road to success, and understanding what it takes to do so.

The documentary entitled, “IVERSON” is an incredible life changing true account of the journey that took place in the career of a superstar that almost never happened.

I have waited for the opportunity to tell the true story of who Allen Iverson really is and what he and many others like him go through to become who they are. As Executive Producer I am thankful for the opportunity to partner with Filmmaker/Director Zatella Beatty along with Showtime to present to the world this incredible story. For many this film can provide a blueprint for shaping lives and building brands, along with the blood sweat and tears that come as a result of that process. I am forever grateful to Allen Iverson for allowing us the access into his life to give an unwavering account of what took place before, during and after the bowling alley incident, that would change his life forever.

IVERSON offers no sugarcoating, just an authentic accounting of history, telling like it is.   The director (Beatty) and I share with you some of the stories as we go behind the scenes and inside the life of a young Allen Iverson as we witnessed some of his experiences right along with him. We will give you a first hand account of many of the obstacles that he faced. We will share with you the good and the not so good results of what will be revealed as a remarkable but true story. In this documentary, you will see why we say that the career that Mr. Iverson had as incredible as it was, almost never happened. It took a special kind of person to allow this story to be told.

The story offers hope to anyone who is trying to accomplish anything in life. Hope that in spite of life’s challenges and obstacles that with patience and perseverance one can achieve success in reaching goals that only you and God knows are there for you.

Special thanks to Showtime, the NBA, ESPN and all of the news affiliates who contributed to the production of this documentary.

Allen Iverson was in his own way an innovator. He was the catalyst behind a shift in culture. He was like a rocket going into space and making history all at the same time. Long after his retirement from the game he will be remembered for how he changed the game and made it ok to be yourself as long as you play the right way.

IVERSON the documentary offers me the opportunity to share with you some of the human side of an international icon. The human side that I had the pleasure of seeing every single day that I have known Allen Iverson. Our journey through life can be looked as a book, with every day that we live representing a page in that book. If the life of Allen Iverson is a book that he has refused to open, then this documentary allows us a chance to see a little of what came along with being who he is, without a single page being wasted.

I hope that everyone gets an opportunity to see it and share it with others. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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